5 ways to avoid gifting mistakes this year

As the final screams of Halloween echo and the smell of cordite from Bonfire night diffuses into the cold November air we turn our attention to the big one. Yes, I’m taking about Christmas. Yes that time of year where stress levels can reach higher heights than the fairy on top of the tree.
Sending gifts to clients and staff can be an awkward experience if you don’t think about the etiquette behind it. If you send a gift that is overly expensive ornot aligned with their interests then your good intentions may well backfire and you’ll just be remembered foryour mistake than the gift itself.
So before you google “corporate Christmas gifts” this year, grab a tea or coffee (or a gluhwein) and have a quick read of our top 5 tips for corporate gifting this year and take the stress out of Christmas.

1. Get organised!
Every year there are many individuals and companies who will have a sudden realsisation that they feel theyshould arrange ‘some’ Christmas gifts for their clients, staff and prospects (even their partners). They panic. They’ve left itto the last minute and make rash decisions due to stock, budget and time constraints and end up sending something out that is just a little, how can we word it … half baked?
2. Know your Budget.
Deciding on the budget for your corporate gifting will of course be largely led by your own finances and some business like to tier their gifting depending on the client. One of the main questions we ask when responding to a gifting enquiry is “how much are you looking to spend?” Even if you can’t afford much, a small token, for example a box of exquisiteartisan cake truffleswith apersonalised message will let people know you’re thinking of them.
3. Include everyone, wherever possible.
The mostvital thing to remember when giving gifts is to make sure you remember everyone, we strongly suggest thatyou don’t offer gifts to just certain team members… they will find out eventually. It is especially the case when sending gifts to clients or suppliers where large teams are involved. Whilst sending a gift to the lead manager might seem appropriate, spare a thought for all those in his team who may have helped over the year to provide the service.
4. Personalise, make your gifts have the personal touch whenever possible.
Think about when you have received a gift, did it give you the WOW factor? We have received numerous generic corporate gifts over the years, from the supermarket bought bottle of red to box of ‘foxes assorted biscuits’. But by giving something that has been personalised to your recipient lets them know that you value and appreciate them as individuals. This year make ita little bit different. Be distinct, be thoughtful, be different.
5. Be sensitive to religious beliefs .
Don’t assume that just because you like to ‘deck the halls’ and tally the mince pie count from the start of December that everyone celebrates Christmas. It maybe the case that some clients can’t accept Christmas gifts due to beliefs, this could lead to some embarrassment both to your recipient and to yourself. How do you go about gaining this information? Well just ask them. Dropping in “what are your plans for the Christmas period?’ during a conversation will ensure that you don’t get into the specifics of their beliefs or religious preferences. But don’t forget, you don’t have to send corporate gifts just at Christmas time.
In summary, corporate gifting plays an important part in todays competitive business environment. Whether its thanking clients and suppliers for their business over the year, recognising employees for the hard work put in over the year or attracting new clients. The act of giving creates and sustains great relationships across the spectrum of the business world.
So, before you google “corporate gifts” give our team at
The Cake Nesta call (01663 749603) to see how we can help you send a truly unique and personalised gift.
For more information regarding corporate gifting with
The Cake Nestplease contact us on 01663 749603or email us atenquiries@cakenest.co.uk

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