A baking disaster waiting to happen

As a baker for the Cake Nest and someone you entrust to send you delicious cakes, I probably shouldn’t admit to the number of baking disasters I have encountered in my many frequent escapades in my kitchen at home.
Only last Saturday, while having a luxurious lazy day with a joint of lamb sizzling in the oven I decided to whip up a quick and, so I thought, easy dessert – a molten chocolate cake which is utterly devilish, served with lashings of double cream.
So: melt butter, add all other ingredients – cocoa powder, plain flour, eggs and practically a whole bag of sugar (which always makes the best kind of dessert). Into a greased cake tin it goes then to a preheated oven for 25 minutes. Hey presto and there’ the masterpiece; the crispy paper-thin surface is gently cracked open with a knife, spilling the molten chocolate like lava. However, this delicious fantasy of course didn’t happen. Without a cake tin (a travesty I know) I decided to use a high-sided baking tray, therefore the intention was a slightly flatter cake but still gorgeously gooey and chocolatey inside. Once in the oven I instructed myself better give it a bit less time’, then went about some pointless business as usual, naturally not bothering to time it. Twenty (or so) minutes later I return to the oven to find a brick of the chocolate variety sitting inside. Solid to touch it could be a satisfying Frisbee. Cutting it with a sturdy spatula was depressing to say the least. Dry inside as it was out I smothered it in cream hoping my boyfriend wouldn’t notice the difference. He still ate it all, although I did notice a lingering taste of onions – obviously said baking tray hadn’t been cleaned particularly well. All in all, nil points.
Disaster cake
I spend a lot of time concocting baked goodies as my whole family, my housemate and anyone who knows me could tell you. I couldn’t be happier experimenting with a new tasty treat, adding a bit of this, a bit of that (I really should add fresh ginger to a courgette cake’ nope definitely can’t taste the alcohol’ *tips bottle upside-down over batter*). Some experiments are much more successful than others. Once I had the most powerful craving for crepes, particularly the kind drizzled with caramel. Off I trotted to the kitchen and over 45 minutes and a battle with boiling sugar later I had a pile of slightly soggy pancakes with burned caramel. What I’m trying to say amongst this lamenting confession is that baking disasters are perfectly acceptable and eventually make excellent stories when you’re no longer ashamed of yourself and have flashbacks to your family’ faces as they pretend to enjoy whatever disaster you place in front of them. As they say you have to crack a few eggs to make a showstopper.

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