The Cake Nest Logo

Vision & Values

Innovative products made by hand by artisan bakers. Nothing mass produced. Always listening to our customers. Delivered throughout the the UK. Our team are the source of our success. Showing respect and honesty to each other as equals. Whilst offering flexibility to ensure everyone has a good work life balance.

The Cake Nest Team

From the hills of the Peak District, allow us to introduce ourselves. We hope you’ll find us a breath of fresh air to match our surroundings!

HR Manager

Hi I'm Lorraine.
I am adamant I won't work more hours but it's funny how they seem to get longer!

Staff Welfare Officer

Hi I'm Crackers.
Need time out? I'm always ready for a walk or a cuddle. And I'm perfect for a chat, I never interrupt 

Head Baker

Hi I'm Natalie.
Full of sparkle and good cheer. Follow the glitter and you'll find me here

Managing Director

Hi I'm Abi,
I'm fuelled by green tea (and gin). I love my bees and the great outdoors

Chief Cake Taster

Hi I'm Steve.
If I'm not eating cake, I'm cycling up a big hill

Baking Cakes, More Than a Business

First and foremost, The Cake Nest is an online bakery, producing all the products ourselves. From the start, our main objective was to deliver handmade sponge cake through the letterbox anywhere in the UK. Then we developed our idea from cake slice to cake cards to letterbox gifts. Now you will find us locked away in the kitchen experimenting with new flavours and exciting new subscription boxes to tantalise your tastebuds.

How did it all begin?

It all started at The Cake Nest when we noticed family and friends gathering in our kitchen whenever we got the mixing bowl out.

In those days few cakes made it as far as being decorated, let alone out of the kitchen. Often all we had to show for a day’s baking were a few sweet crumbs licked from sticky fingers.

The more we baked, the more people seemed to love our cakes and we got so much pleasure from it we began to play… From zingy lemon sponge to bittersweet espresso cake and who knows how many versions of the classic carrot cake (it had to be perfect!).

Hence, we measured, mixed and baked our hearts out. Consequently, the more we made, the more people wanted them and so The Cake Nest was born.

Together, we spread our wings, taking the idea to social media where Abi could be found testing new ideas on Twitter. Getting our first review on Chocoblog From here we grew our cake subscription and our invention of the cake card, a slice of cake in a card delivered through your letterbox. All from home, around the children.

Flying The Nest and Growing the Family

Today we are an award winning online cake company. However, we remain a family business and a good work life balance for all our team is of the utmost importance to us. We still bake our cakes with love and passion – we just have a bigger, dedicated kitchen to do it from and a small team to help us. It means we can make even more deliciously wicked treats including cake balls, push pops and personalised letterbox cakes. Making cakes that make people happy is our passion. Whose face would you like us to bring a smile to? Send a slice of scrumptious sponge cake today.