Ally joins the team!

Hello! My name is Ally and I am the newest member of The Cake Nest Team! Abi and Steve have kindly given me free reign to blog which is exciting as I love writing, I love food, and I love writing about food so this blog is ideal.
I graduated from the University of Manchester with a degree in Drama. I pursued the (not so glamourous) world of film and had some incredible experiences – dashing around an enormous film-set, mingling with famous actors (mingling’ meaning I brought them hot drinks), and staging a play at the Camden Fringe. It was all good fun, to a degree, but I eventually found I was having more fun relaxing at home between jobs and internships. During these down’ times while I hunted for a job to earn my keep, I tended to bake feverishly, probably to procrastinate but also because I adored it and soon found I was more enthusiastic about cooking caramelised onion and goat’ cheese tarts than finding another unpaid internship.
With that realisation I took on an internship at delicious. magazine, and, it really is as clichéd as it sounds, I fell in love with the food industry. Concocting recipes, cooking and eating for a living was something I believed only happened in a restaurant kitchen where young cooks nervously flambé crepes while trying to avoid the venom of the head chef and not set fire to their eyebrows. Ignited with renewed passion this Christmas I started to hone my baking, whipping up doughnuts (fighting oil splatter in the process), Danish pastries, biscotti, and my own mincemeat. And now I am so excited to be part of The Cake Nest – the cakes are light, delicious and indulgent, and meanwhile I’m really looking forward to learning more skills from the team.
Speak soon!

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