Arbonne – Natural Beauty?

This may appear to be an odd thing for us to review but I felt it was something that you may be interested in and something I could give a very honest review of. As some of your may be aware I suffer from rosacea. For those of you who don’t know what this is, it basically means I have very red cheeks all the time. I have tried all sorts of lotions and potions, I’ve been to the doctor and had antibiotics (yuck!) and topical medication and nothing has worked. The severity of my condition makes it difficult to conceal and make up often makes it worse. Personally, for me, it’s better in the summer but maybe that’s just because the whiteness of my skin in winter makes it stand out more. Anyway, I met Karen Pheasant recently who is an Arbonne Consultant and she gave me a few things to try. I didn’t expect it to make any difference…
Before I start I want to say this is my opinion, I am not paid to say anything and have not been asked to write this. My links though take you through to
Karen’s referral page.
I am not very keen on showing before and after pictures, this isn’t a case study on me it’s just my opinion. Arbonne make skin care products with “green” in mind. They do not include parabens in their products and they are all botanically based.Most Arbonne products are fragrance free and certified vegan friendly. Arbonnenevertestsonanimalsand their products do not containanimal-derived ingredients oranimalby-products. I like this idea in principle. Saying this I have tried Bodyshop products and found they helped but did not cure. If I am honest I found Olay products were the most affective but still not brilliant. Sometimes in life you feel that you just have to settle for that.
Arbonne Calm Skin Care Range
A little over a week ago I met
Karen at a business function. We got chatting and she told me what she did. I am not embarrassed about my condition – let’s face it, blushing would only make it worse! And so I was open to her suggestion that chemicals in my products may be exasperating the problem. The funny thing is, when I was pregnant I did look after myself a lot better if truth be know. I checked the ingredients and worried about things I put on my skin that may in some way affect my unborn child. I think I was probably a bit paranoid, especially first time round but now what do I use? Do I think twice about the cheap bottle of shampoo? Why don’t I care a little more about myself.
Karen kindly gave me a sample pack of their
Calm Skincare Rangeand FC5 shampoo to try. As I was away for a few days it was perfect to throw in my washbag and take away with me. What did I think? As expected the shampoo did not lather as much as other shampoos but my hair still washed nicely and I didn’t feel the need to wash it more times that usual. The skincare range was different though. As I suffer from very dry skin, I tend to use heavy moisturisers, in fact more recently I have been using a Bodyshop Aloe Protective Restoring Mask at night and yes I felt like an old granny wearing my facepack to bed – I slept with it on. Calm Gentle Daily Moisturizer is light and it is very easily absorbed. A little disconcerting for me! lol. I stuck with it though. Now?
Actually, I really can see a difference. My skin tone is a lot more even and I have a healthy glow about me instead of looking like I’ve just run up a flight of stairs in a wind tunnel! Those who know me, know I don’t part with money easily and these products are not cheap but the moisturiser may just slip into my everyday routine. For myself, I can’t tell you how much more confidence it gives me. In fact there were a couple of occasions last year that I positively wanted to curl up and die when somebody commented on my rosacea – one event being a complete stranger in a train station who told me I had a big rash on my face in front of my kids! Like I had never noticed!
FC5 shampooEqually, I have done my research and Arbonne has had some bad press,not about its products though. You will not find any of their products in Boots or Tesco. They are all sold through their consultants. They have been called a pyramid scheme and have been investigated. Don’t allow this to put you off though. Perhaps what you should consider is how a company makes money. If they have to pay for marketing and have a large cut taken from their profits when selling wholesale to large stores, maybe it’s worth thinking about the
consultants they pay instead. This allows them to invest in fabulous products, which sell themselves. I did not find Karen to very salesy. Neither did I think that she just wanted to recruit me as a consultant – just to be clear I don’t have the time for that and am not interested. We simply got into conversation about skin care and she recommended a few things for me to try.
I think there are many people that would love these products as a gift for Valentine’s Day, birthday present or a general pick me up. Click
here to visit Karen’s Arbonne Online Shop page.
It’s not all about the cake you know and if you take nothing away from this but one thing take this, please don’t comment on something someone can do nothing about in their appearence. You wouldn’t comment on their clothes so don’t on their face!
If you would like some more information about rosacea, treaments and help groups please visit

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