Beanies Coffee

Beanies Coffee
If you know me, you will know how much I love my coffee and this week I have had the pleasure of trying some of the best available on the high street in my opinion. I happened to come across a jar of
Beanies gingerbread coffee in Sainsburys a few weeks ago. The name intrigued me so I popped it in my basket. The smell of breaking the foil was devine (always my favourite part) but this was also gorgeously warm and gingery. At only 2 calories per cup, I was sceptical, I shouldn’t have been the taste was scrumptious! The taste of a luxury coffee in instant form, brilliant! It’s fair to say I was up for trying Beanies many other flavours and I didn’t want to be held back to a simple brew.
Filter Coffee SelectionSummer Expresso Cocktail
At home we tend to drink filter coffee. This gave me a chance to try their
Mocha Orange. Being me I made a pot and turned it into a cocktail, a Summer Expresso (hey it was my birthday!). This was delicious and perfect for relaxing in the garden with friends.
So what next? The
chocolate raspberry coffee was calling me. After enjoying a lovely hot cup of coffee with the smell of raspberries in every mouthful, it actually made it taste a lot richer and quitenaughty, I had some left in the cafetiere. What could I do with this? Hmmmm…. Steve wasn’t up for a hot drink so I thought “Frappé!” This coffee was perfect, the smell was full of summer and the taste was fab. I do love a grown up milkshake.
Beanies Frappe Coffee
Ok I know what you are thinking, the bakers haven’t baked with it! Well for anything to be fabulous it has to be good in a cake. Steve is a big fan of tiramisu so that was it. I chose the
Amaretto Almond instant coffee for this, perfect! We are huge fans of almonds and the aroma of this dessert was amazing. Even the kids wanted to try it even though they hate coffee.
Cake Nest Tiramisu
So was there anything we didn’t like?if I’m honest I wasn’t a big fan of the Mulled Spice flavour instant coffee, but this really is just a personal thing you can’t love everything. We all tried the coffee at work though and I think the only criticism was that the instant coffee is not as strong as we would like but maybe we just need more sleep! The filter coffee was great though and they were all very smooth.
Why not give it a try yourself they have more flavours than you can possibly imagine and better still there are no chemicals or syrup just magic blending at the heart of this cup.
Now it’s over to you, what would you like the recipe for? Vote now by commenting below and we will post the recipe for you to enjoy.

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