World Mental Health Day

Many of you are aware that today is World Mental Health Day. Who you may be unaware of is Shout – they are bit like the Samaritans but offer a purely text service. What you may also not know is that Abi volunteers for them. It’s not easy but it does give people a way

freshly cooked cheese scones straight out of the oven

Cheese Scones Recipe

It doesn’t matter how you pronounce scone, it’s all about how you eat them! Here’s a recipe to really get your teeth into

A day in the life of work experience

Aidan’s blog Hello, and welcome to my rendition of my first five days in the workplace. Considering I’ve never actually worked, other than with my dad in the garden, being in an actual workplace, doing an actual job has been useful in understanding how places of work function. Although being sufficiently exhausting, turning baking from