Brewer’s Bake

Steve has chosen the cakes that many hundreds of dads will receive and enjoy as gifts for the Father’ Day celebrations on June 21st andbelieves he has found the perfect cake ingredient to help dads enthusiastically celebrate next month’ Fathers Day……..Booze!
Why will it appeal? Because all three of our chosen cakes will include the added attraction of beer or cider, underlining the fact that these cakes were baked for a celebration.
The Cake Nest’ Father’ Day line-up now includes a Guinness and Chocolate cake which manages to combine the rich sweetness of chocolate with the distinctive taste of the popular Irish treat. There is a Belgian Beer cake, a heady mix of a rich Northern European pastry flavoured with an elegant sense of a Belgian brew. And if beer is not your thing, why not try a Cider Cake, packed with apples and cinnamon and a generous splash of cider.
“The idea is to offer our customers something different and something that dads will appreciate,” explains Steve. “Combining a slice of delicious cake with a little beer or cider is a treat that a great many dads will enjoy. I know I found them very tasty!
“However, the Father’ Day cakes are also a bit of fun and will bring a smile to the faces of those who order them as well as those who receive them.”
After all this playing in the kitchen there was just one more thing we needed.. a name! Thank you to Facebook for inspiration and to Zoe Pillar for the winning name “
Brewer’s Bake Club”. We will send you a slice of each cake to try, we hope it lives up to your name.
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