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Cake, What does Your Favourite Flavour Say about You?

Who can resist a wonderful slice of cake? Whether you eat it daintily with a fork or pick at it with your fingers, the flavour you choose says more about you than you think. Carry on reading to find out more about your favourite cake and how personalities really are reflected in our choices. Then you will know the perfect slice to send to surprise a friend


The love of chocolate knows no bounds. You are sure to be an empathetic person, a shoulder to cry on, the support in any situation and the person everyone turns to. However, you also quite indulgent and love a spa day with a glass of Prosecco on arrival. What an amazing person you are, no wonder everyone wants to be with you, although you are always a little suspicious of anyone who says they don’t like chocolate. You would adore a personalised letterbox cake so that you could share it with a little tea and sympathy.


This traditional cake does not mean you are “vanilla” in your behaviour. This simple cake layered with strawberry jam and cream, is adored by those who are anything but. The dark horses of the world, often misunderstood. You are an impulsive, loving person, generous by nature but don’t get on the wrong side of you otherwise there could be fireworks. Perfect in an individual cup cake for your own moment of bliss.

slice of strawberry cake with a large strawberry splashing in cream in the background


Oh for the deliciously moist carrot cake with a wonderful cream cheese filling! We aren’t quite sure it counts as one of your five a day but who are we to comment? This is the sensible cake for those in control. The one for the over thinkers, those that ponder as they devour as they decide the pros and cons of all decisions. However, that does not mean you are boring, in fact you can appear more relaxed than most as you have already worked out the situation and are prepared for every eventuality.


Rich coffee cake with buttercream and topped with nuts for extra texture, is this your favourite? If so you are strong minded and control of your own destiny. You put your all into everything you do. Your day probably doesn’t start fully until you have a cup of coffee in your hand and then you are ready to face the world. Perhaps the end of the week finishes with a hint of something extra sneaked in to indulge yourself like a shot of Baileys. Your strength comes from within but is definitely caffeine fuelled.


Cheesecake is in a class of its own, for those with a lot going on in their lives. You don’t mean to be a drama queen but hey what’s a girl to do? With the life you lead there is never a dull moment. People hang on your every word and consider their own world’s boring by comparison, you are sexy, exciting and always at the centre of the party.


Dark and spicy ginger cake, gorgeous and a little unpredictable. Does that sound like you? An alluring warmth that’s hard to resist? Your personality is a little more volatile than most. Passionate and driven, your sultry overtones are an indulgence not to be missed. A slice of ginger cake in a birthday cake card would really make your day.

So now you know all this what why not send the perfect fitting slice to someone else in a cake card. Perhaps you aren’t convinced, maybe you love everything. If so our cake subscription is the perfect gift for you.

slice of ginger cake with ginger cat yawning in the background

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