5 Mother’s Day Ideas that won’t cost the earth

Mother’s day in the UK is coming soon (31st March). If you’re at a loss for ideas on how to celebrate, take a look at our 5 quick and easy ways on how to treat your mum without breaking the bank.

Let Mum sleep for an extra few hours

For Mother’s Day (especially if it’s her first one) give her what she craves the most and let mum sleep in for an extra few hours. If you have younger children, make sure you keep them out of earshot for those extra ZZZZs. Allowing time for extra rest will make her whole day more enjoyable.

girl in bed

Bring her breakfast in bed

Well more like brunch in bed! So whilst she’s catching those extra ZZZs make her a special breakfast. It doesn’t haven to be extravagant. Perhaps some freshly brewed coffee or tea with her favourite flapjack or muffin. Lay it out on a tray with her homemade card and wait for the smile on mum’s face when you go in.

Cook a scrumptious lunch

If mum normally cooks the Sunday lunch or dinner,  give her the day off and cook a loving meal. It doesn’t have to be complicated, a roast chicken with a simple salad or veggies will mean the world to her. Round it off with our Blackcurrant Sponge Pudding for a totally satisfying meal

Roast Chicken

Go for a family walk or hike

Work up an appetite or burn off that Sunday lunch with a stroll around the park or country estate. Leave all gadgets at home for some quality family time, because we don’t want family members getting distracted. While a race to the swings is fun for all.

Children playing on a swing

Plan a picnic

Finally, if the weather is kind, take Sunday lunch outside, again it doesn’t have to be complicated. A few of her favourite chosen treats will really make it special, think more macaron than sausage on a stick. Pack a cake of course!

Whatever you end up doing, we hope you have a relaxing and wonderful Mother’s Day. Wishing all mums (including grandmothers, step-mums and particularly cool mother-in-laws) a wonderful day. Why not send her a little “me time” all year round with our Cake Slice Club for an extra special treat.

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Pancake Day Cake

We can’t believe its February already, January has flown by and we are into the second month the year. Traditionally February gets us searching for the squeezy lemon at the back of the pantry ready for pan cake day which this year falls on Tuesday 9th. But if like us over the years you fancy a change to the regular toppings such as caster sugar/lemon and chocolate, how about you make a pancake cake.

Below is a simple recipe that can be tailor made to your families favourites toppings. For the chocolate lovers you can add a couple of teaspoons of cocoa powder to the pancake mix for chocolatey pancakes.



420g self raising flour
675ml of milk
3 large free rage eggs
pinch of sea salt
2 Tsp Cocoa Powder (Optional)
Chocolate Spread (Nutella or similar)
Cream Fresh Fruit

Place the flour, milk, eggs and a pinch of salt in a bowl and whisk to a smooth batter.

Add the cocoa powder for chocolatey pancakes).

Add a small splash of oil to a small nonstick pan over a medium heat then wipe with kitchen paper.

When the pan’s hot, add a ladleful of batter, tilting the pan to spread, and cook for 2 to 3 minutes each side, until lightly golden. Set aside.

Repeat until you’ve used all the batter, stacking the pancakes to one side to cool.

Once the pancakes have cooled, whip the cream until thick and holds a peak.

Spread a blob of cream over a serving plate and pop a pancake on top and press down gently.

Spread some chocolate over the pancake and top with another pancake.

Keep doing this, alternating between cream and chocolate, until you’ve used all the pancakes.

You can even place some fruit in-between the layers.

To finish cover the cake with the chocolate spread and decorate with fresh fruit.

TOP TIP – Heating the chocolate spread makes it easier to spread, (10 second bursts in the microwave)
This can be done with any filling you like so why not try mixing it up!

Top 5 picks for Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day usually falls on the third Sunday of June and unlike Mother’s Day it is celebrated on the same day in both the UK and US and that is where the similarities end. Latest estimates show that we spend a third less on Father’ Day presents than on our Mums and there are a number of theories why.

It is thought that Mother’ simply deserve to have bigger or more expensive gifts, this maybe due to the fact that Mother’ are often considered to contribute to more to home life. People tend to understand the sacrifices mums make, that’s what you see. Mother’ have a special place in people’s hearts. Although this thought is likely to change now that Dad’ are playing a larger part in home life, with some Dad’ now taking what traditionally was the Mother’ Role’ and the recent legislation allowing maternity/paternity leave to be shared by both parents.

Another thought is that Dads’ are less interested in tokens of appreciation such as trinkets and flowers and are more likely to be happy with a day off to either play golf or go cycling. Experience days have also become more popular over recent years, be it adrenaline based or a more sedate affair.

Us men are simple folk and I personally don’t like fuss, but I’m not one to turn down a gift, so here’ my top 5 picks for Father’ Day Gifts

1 – Make that Call

A simple telephone call home on Father’s Day might not sound much but just even a quick 5 minute catch up can go a long way.
Prices start from Free!

2 – Beerbods – Beer subscription box

Dad loves his beer? Why not treat him to a beer subscription. A box of 12 beers arrives every 12 weeks and then every Thursday you join fellow BeerBod subscribers across the UK and share your thoughts (good or bad) with the online Beerbods community.
Prices start from £36 every 3 months.

3 – The Personal Barber – Shaving Subscription Box

Dad will receive a monthly box of shaving goodies and having been a subscriber since the beginning of the year I can truthfully say that my skin has never felt better.
Prices start from £24.99 billed every 45 days.

4 – Design a Sausage!

One for the meat lover! Grab Dad a chorizo making kit or spice up his BBQ with some fabulous seasonings to show who’s really the best cook in town. Their kits are amazingly simple to use so he will really look the star of the show this Father’s Day.

Check out their website for lots of great ideas https://www.designasausage.com/

5 – Socks and Pants Cupcakes by the Cake Nest

Don’t just buy him socks and pants… make them edible! NO, not like that! Cupcakes! The Cake Nest has the perfect gift, 6 handmade cupcakes delivered through the letterbox that will bring a smile to his face. A choice between vanilla or chocolate, guaranteed to go down well with a brew.
Prices start at £10

Don’t just give socks!

Father’s Day facts

  • The modern Father’s Day is an American invention, with the first widespread celebration taking place on 1910, two year’s after the first Mother’s Day celebration
  • While Mother’s Day was officially recognised by the US government in 1913, Father’s Day had to wait until 1972
  • Unlike Mother’s Day, Father’s Day is celebrated on the same day in the US and the UK – the third Sunday in June
  • Portugal, Spain and Italy are rare exceptions, celebrating Father’s Day on 19 March, which is also St Joseph’s Day – the date chosen to celebrate Joseph, the husband of Jesus’ mother
  • Father’s Day started to be marked in the UK after World War Two
  • More than 70 countries now mark Father’s Day on the third Sunday in June