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Dietary Requirements?

on a diet, not a problem

Just say no!?!

Ok,  we admit that it’s a bit unconventional but a little of what you fancy does you good. We are not about to start telling you that are no calories in any of our products but in moderation it’s all good.

So here’s our suggestion… join one of our clubs! Have a slice of cake delivered to your house once a week or if you are really good once a month but here’s the catch… look forward to it but make it your treat of the week. No cheating, just imagine how good it will taste when you’ve earned it! Surely that’s sin-free x

vegetarian flavours available

No meat or freaky derivatives?

Don’t worry you won’t find anything untoward in our products. No one wants to find a bacon butty when they ordered an apple pie. The same goes for cake. Every care is taken to make sure we are kind to all animals. Have you met the team? We do love our Staff Welfare Officer x

gluten wheat free cakes

Gluten or Wheat Free?

We can’t all run through fields of wheat but we should all be able to enjoy a slice of cake. You’ll find that many of our products have a wheat-free option.

What’s the difference? It’s simple, our kitchens aren’t tested. So we can’t tell you how many gluten parts per million we have. Therefore, we can’t legally say we are gluten-free.

However, gluten has not been intentionally added, but a small amount may be present as our kitchen does handle gluten based products. However, please be assured that every care is made to ensure contamination is kept to a minimum and there are no gluten-containing ingredients.

nut free kitchen

Not a Squirrel?

That’s ok, we understand. There’s not just those of you who react but also many people just don’t like them. Our answer is to leave them out. 

Hungry squirrels will have to go elsewhere as they won’t find any in our kitchens! That goes for all our fruit cakes too, no marzipan either. One less thing for us all to worry about x

vegan friendly cake

Leaving no one out

Just because you have chosen to abstain from animal products that doesn’t mean you should have to deprive yourself. Our vegan cake slice club is out latest edition to our collection. All made in house so any questions fire away!

And as our bakers are always coming up with new ideas, we are sure that there is much more to follow

Dietary Requirements

Tickled Not Pickled

Whether you are going dry for the month, it’s against your religion or simply don’t drink we will always tell you if there is alcohol hidden in our products. It will always be declare in our allergens.

It’s very rare that we do as we believe it’s all about flavour not the alcohol %. Take our Gin & Tonic Cake Balls, as wonderful as a glass with ice but without the alcohol! Give them a try, we are sure you will be delighted.