Dancing Around the Kitchen

Here at The Cake Nest, music is really important. We all like different things but, what we do have in common is, we all like a good boogie. So we thought we should put together our favourite songs into a playlist. Something that would bring a smile to everyone’s face andhelp get the creative juices flowing. What came out is certainly a littleeclecticbut perfectly fits us. As it’s on Spotify no one can argue with the order as we play it on random. Itguaranteesto get us all in the mood for baking on a Monday morning and lightens the mood on a grey and rainy day. Click the Spotify button below and have a listen. Let us know what you think and if there is anything you think needs adding let us know in the comments below. The longer the playlist is the better! So what gets you started in the morning, gives you a lift or just makes you smile?
dancing around the kitchen

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