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Hello, and welcome to my rendition of my first five days in the workplace. Considering I’ve never actually worked, other than with my dad in the garden, being in an actual workplace, doing an actual job has been useful in understanding how places of work function. Although being sufficiently exhausting, turning baking from a hobby into a temporary job, has been a nice learning experience.

Aidan typing up his blog on the computer
Now where shall I start?

I’ve spent most of my time in the kitchen with Natalie the baker. The kitchen is probably my favourite  place to work in but it is definitely the most physically draining. The transition from a school day to a day of baking have some very large differences but the most noticeable for me is that at school I am sitting down almost all day apart from break and lunch. Whereas in the bakery, I am standing and walking all day apart from at lunch where I can have a sit down and enjoy my food. Don’t get me wrong, I much prefer going to work in the morning rather than school, I’m just saying that I sleep better as well.

Another part of my experience has been packaging and learning to arrange products to be delivered to customers. You could definitely say that origami is not a strong point of mine and unfortunately creating boxes shares many of the same properties. To make a box you basically have to fold a sheet of cardboard until it fits together. This sounds like a simple task but I can assure you that no everyone is capable of doing this.

Aidan doing the lettering on message cakes
So many birthdays!

Today’s been nice as well, I participated in my first meeting this morning, they’re not as bad as people make them out to be, although I’m sure they come worse than this one. I also wrote my first blog this morning, it has actually been quite fun, admittedly I had to google how to start it but post introduction wasn’t too difficult. I look forward to tomorrow but dread that that will be my last day. Many thanks to Abi and Steve for making this possible for me and to Natalie for coping with me in the kitchen.

Aidan and Natalie in the kitchen baking with the ovens in the background

Abi and Steve’s Response

Do you know it’s been our absolute pleasure to have you join us this week. Thanks for writing a great blog. Aidan, you have shown yourself to be both willing and able. And if you are ever looking for an apprenticeship, please give us a call x

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  1. Natalie says:

    Haha love this!!! Great read. Nice one Aiden

  2. Carolyne Jones says:

    Brilliant write up

  3. Cathy says:

    Well done Aidan, it’s a brilliant blog. You are a Star xxx

  4. Dianne says:

    How great is that! Thanks to the Cake Nest team for providing an invaluable work experience.

  5. rachel child says:

    Really enjoyed reading your blog Aidan!

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