Edible Insects

Have you ever watched those outdoor survial programmes, you know the ones where Bears Grylls or Ray Mears eat their way across the jungle or survice the extremes of the desert. Do you wince when they pluck a large worm or sccop a handlefull of worms and then smile in delight to the camera as they slip them into their mouth, or do you think “hmmm maybe I fancy a chew or crunch on one of those’ instead of placing another digestive in our tea.
Well here at the Cake Nest we are always up for trying something new and recently we were contacted on instagram by Zoic Bars who specialise in healthy protien bars, with the interesting ingredient of ‘mealworm’ flour. Yes thats ground up meal worms, the ones we put out for the birds for a tasty treat in winter.
Zoic Bar
Before I hear you shout ‘eeeeewwwwww’ let me tell you that Zoic have been clever and used a touch of tarragon (or cocoa for the chocolate bars) to produce a protein bar that certainly delivers. Zoic bars are handmade and only use natural ingrediets (only 5 to be precise) which are both Gluten, Dairy, Grain and GMO free, so theses bars really do cater for all types of diet.
But the proof is in the tasting and yes while they are a little on the dry side (as are most protien bars) they didn’t taste like you were munching on a cricket. So if you fancy something a little different, or have a specialist diet and dont wish to use the mass produced artificial protien bars that are widely available, then check out Zoic and relaease your inner Bear or Ray!
Zoic 1

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