Foods that Bring a Smile

Food is a very evocative thing. Yes, we need to eat to stay alive but with everything in the press at the moment, it really does sound like our bodies at least would be happier if we lived on lettuce and only drank water. As personally, I am not a rabbit, I wondered what it really was about food that I enjoyed and what made me smile the most.spiralized meal
There are a million articles out there telling you all about the fact that avocados contain serotonin and probiotic yogurt will improve your immune system but what makes you truly smile deep inside? For me, the waft from the chip shop I walk by reminds of being a kid and sitting with Dad on the Edge dangling our feet eating fish and chips in Alderley Edge.
The waft of a delicious stew brings back memories of coming home from school to find Mum in the kitchen popping the dumplings in ready for tea on a cold winters day. Cakes and biscuits are reserved for Granny, especially at Christmas when you could smell them as you walked up to the house on Christmas Eve,
soul foodThe taste of cheap chocolate reminds me of gorging on Easter eggs. Bananas remind me of once when I was really poorly and it was pretty much all I could stomach, hey they really were a life saver. And as for a good cup of tea, well is there really anything more comforting?
Beyond memories, what about satisfaction? The times when you eat a meal that fills you up and that you simply really enjoy. Better still a good meal with friends. We are told that eating in front of the TV is bad for us and that we barely notice what we are putting in our mouths and so overeat. We are also told that we have a tendency to eat too much when we eat with other people. But what about family meals (when the phones and ipads are put to one side) or friends are over when the meal is animated and laughter flows like a waterfall. I would rather that than sitting by myself looking at the wall any day. That offers more sustenance in this ever more isolated world than any superfood. Food for the soul is the most important nutrition for me, a little of what you fancy does you good so for lunch I’ll accept the lettuce if only so that for dinner I can havebeef bourguignon,dauphinoise potatoes and the company of those I love.
Richard Thomas

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