Happy New Year

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2014 was a year of less is more perhaps in the cake world, with bite size desserts, cake pops and rustic wedding cakes making the headlines. We loved the piles of victoria sponge cake for weddings with lots of fresh fruit inside. And we know how much you all enjoy our “Say it with Cake” and “Cake Balls” so minature came as no surprise.
However, it got us thinking about 2015 holds in store for us. We always like to make sure we are up with the latest trends and can see to all your cakey needs. So we did a bit of research on your behalf.
This 3D food printer must master cookies before it can print you a pizza
It seems that 3D printers aren’t reserved for plastic! The time has come to print out your own food. Oh yes I really did say that, but hang on… ok you can’t just ask it for spag bol or burger and chips… it’s a little limited. That said you can print out biscuits and they are working on pizza. Sorry though you will have to put it in the oven yourself!
I know, I know, you want to know what’s happening with cake! From across the pond the smashing cakes are taking the UK by storm. What are these? They are cakes that you buy for you baby just for them to destroy! Oh yes, it’s a mess to compare with no other! You clear the surrounding area, put down a mat (if you are being organised) and stand back. We love this idea and will be developing a few of our own to try so
let us know if you fancy being a guinea pig 😉
It also appears that the classic cocktails are making a come back. If you picture yourself as a bit of a James Bond this is your time. What’s this got to do with cake? Well, we released our wonderful
non-alcoholic cocktail push pops just before Christmas. This is your year to get tickled not pickled.
Cocktail Push Pops
Smashing Cakes

We would love to hear your thoughts. What would you like to see more of? Do you like what’s heading our way? What was the best trend in cake 2014? Just post a comment below.
Happy New Year everyone!

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