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Interesting Facts About Weddings

A Wedding always creates a buzz, and the up and coming Royal wedding is no exception. There are plenty of things that we all know about weddings. There’ a happy couple, they say I do and then everyone has an amazing party with cake. But we’ve taken 10 obscure facts that you may not know about.

The original meaning of the word bride was actually just Cook’ – I don’t think this one will be making a comeback anytime soon!

Rumour has it, if the groom doesn’t show up to the wedding, it is the best man’ responsibility to take over and marry the bride. Awkward somewhat if he’s married or your brother!

The Bride standing on the left of the groom originates from times where the groom would have to use his left hand to fight off challengers. Heaven knows what happens when the vicar announces, “Is there anyone who has any reason why they should not be married?”.

Queen Victoria’ wedding cake weighed a massive 300lbs. Anyone want to beat that?

Staying with Queen Victoria, the tradition of wearing a white dress was started in 1840, until then bride wore their finest dress to the wedding. Japan though was well ahead of the Victorians as white was always the preferred choice for a bride.

The bridal veil had the original purpose of protecting the bride from evil spirits according to ancient Greeks and Romans.

Italians used to break a loaf of bread over the bride’ head for good luck, apparently this is wear the tradition of having a wedding cake originates from.

In Ireland, to ensure fertility the newlyweds would tie a young hen to the bed to lay an egg.

The stag do is a spartan tradition. It came from the fifth century Sparta where military compatriots would celebrate and toast the eve of the wedding, similar to the eve of a battle…….brave men!

An old Danish wedding tradition where the bride and groom would dress up as each other to confuse evil spirits. Sound like a hilarious wedding theme.

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