It’s bring your dog to work day. Can ours bake or will he be too busy eating it all?

Bring Your Dog To Work Day (as seen on ITV’ This Morning, Waitrose Weekend and The Independent) is an annual nationwide event that raises money for charities dedicated to making a difference to the welfare of dogs.
Bringing a dog to work in a bakery may not seem like a good (or hygenic) idea but it’s ok my office is separate from the kitchen. Our wonderful boy, Crackers, has been coming to work for the last few months actually and he loves it. In truth, so do I. To top it off there have been many studies around pets that have found them to helpreducestress, improve motivation and increase happiness. What more do you need to know?
In fairness, Crackers goes everywhere with me. If you come for a meeting, be prepared to meet him as I invariably forget he’s there. My gorgeous border collie sneaks under my desk when I pop out of the room so you may not even spot him when you walk past! I have to say that I talk to him about most things (I am honestly not talking to myself). I have never found anyone else with more understanding or confidentiality, he never breathes a word.
So give a dog a walk at lunch time. Get out of the office for 20 minutes and enjoy the fresh air. Take a few photos and post on social media using #bringyourdogtoworkday. We even have a quick photo competition over on Facebook for our favourite pouch pic to win a slice ofnext week’s cake, raspberry ripple. So hop on over and show us what your dog can do!
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Boss won’t let you?
Sorry to hear that but we know it’s not possible in every environment. Why not visit the #
bringyourdogtoworkwebsite for more information on what else you can do today instead because all dogs matter. Finally, if you don’t have a dog but would like one, consider volunteering a shelter. They always need dog walkers!

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