Making your Customers Smile

Many of you will know us for sending delicious gifts to your loved ones but did you know we can help your business too? As everything we sell is handmade by us we can customise pretty much all of it to your specifications. We have had the pleasure of working with companies who enjoy sending a slice of cake to a client in one of our cake cards. Keeping in touch shouldn’t be so hard and saying thank you for your business should bring a smile.2 birds 1 stone
Did you know that it takes between 7-13 “touches” to deliver a sale? This can be through various methods such as Facebook, Twitter, phone call, etc. It takes this length of time for a customer to build trust in you and your product or service. What do you do once you have achieved this? Do you forget all about them and move on to the next? Or do you show them how much you appreciate their business? At the end of the day it’s a lot easier to retain customers rather than continually searching for more. Also their referrals will work wonders for new business, so really it’s two birds with one stone.
Personalised cake card
You should be aiming to “touch” your customer at least once every three months. Just to ask how they are doing and see if there is anything you can help with. Many companies lose long term contracts because they forgot to check in and instead relied on the autorenewal but someone else asked.
So why not send a cake card with your logo on the front and own personal message inside? Then call a few days later and ask how the cake was. Who isn’t going to open a big shiny envelope marked “Perishable Goods”? It’s bound to be top of their inbox. We are happy to show you more so why not let us give you a call and tell you more?

making your customers smile

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