Meeting Theo Paphitis!

As many of you will know, last year we took a well earned family holiday and I did my usual entry on Sunday night in Theo Paphitis’ #SBS competition. I’ve done this for years on and off and, to be honest, didn’t expect to win.The following day was our daughter’s birthday, a fun action packed day, we were all shattered by 8pm and then I saw my twitter stream go mad! We had been retweeted…
#SBS winning tweet
You can read about that
herebut more about the event that followed! Well it wasn’t a good start for us. After booking a hotel and arranging childcare, we had snow. Not even just a little bit, the A6 (the main road in front of our shop) was completely shut. The road to our house was shut too and when the snow plough did manage get through it banked several feet of snow on to our turning.
Snow bound shopIf you know me at all you will know that I don’t like the words “no” or “can’t” so we got the shovels out and dug the car out and cleared our road. The strangest thing was that actually once we got out of High Peak, which was slow and eerily quiet, the roads were pretty clear and it was just the usual nightmare of the M6/M5, yes we were on our way to Birmingham!
Safely esconced in our Premier Inn, it was time to get excited and start wondering about the following day. We really didn’t know what to expect and so to happy sleep we went like giddy children!
The following morning Steve and I walked to the Birmingham ICC and looked around for anyone we knew. The funny thing about twitter though is that you talk to avatars at best each day rather than photos of real people (yes we have room to talk!). So we became heavily dependent on checking out everyones’ badges. I would have liked it if the twitter names were in larger writing as squinting as someone’s chest is not the done thing really! lol
The day kicked off with networking and an introduction from Kypros Kyprianou, then it was over to Theo Paphitis. I’m not going to bore you with every step of the day but it was exciting to see ourselves featured on the
home page of the new #SBS website. There was lots of information too on up coming events and special offers – #SBS family is a great family to be part of!
We broke for lunch and more networking. Where we got to meet some of our favourite tweeps @Shrewsmorris and @RockpoolTrading amongst others. I think for me the best part of the day came next, the Q&A session. The panel was a fabulous mix with
Rob Forkan, Julien Callede,JudyNaaké and of course, Theo Paphitis. Their wealth of wisdom was fantastic and reassuring to know that they all started from scratch. Although we didn’t ask anything ourselves, we felt pressing questions where answered, the main answer to most was hardwork and peserverance will pay off.
The only thing left to say is thank you to Theo Paphitis and to urge any small businesses to enter #SBS on twitter on a Sunday evening, you never know what may happen!
#SBS event 2015

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