Networking Doesn’t have to be Bleak

The word networking, it has become one of those terms used in business that either fills you with dread or energises you to seek out new contacts and relationships. I fall into the former, having relied on my previous occupation as an Architectural illustrator as we all know a picture tells a thousand words.
Growing our business has meant that I have had to challenge myself to shake off the shy and cautious demeanour that I relied on in the past. Luckily we have had the opportunity to join some fantastic networking groups over the past couple of years, that have allowed me develop my new skills in talking about our business, even sharpening my elevator pitch.
So you may be wondering where this blog is going, well as you read this I will be ‘networking’ in the great outdoors with our Border Collie Crackers in tow. Organised by Freshwalks it brings together a bunch of business strangers in the glorious amtospheric Peak District. Freshwalks allows you to engage in conversation in a small intimate group whilst walking though the moorland heather. The organised walk lasts all day and we will take lunch on the natural stones carved out by the elements, with the stunning scenery as a dramatic backdrop. A complete contrast to the ‘usual’ networking events that throws strangers into a big room all vying for each others attension.
Image By Mark Sweeney
I will leave it here for now and update you later on how it went and I’ll be taking plenty of photos. The picture above is by one of our friends Mark Sweeney, you can view his website Live for the Hills

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