New Year’s Resolutions

We are half way through January and New Year’s resolutions are starting to slip. As if we aren’t feeling bad enough about ourselves, The Guardian reveals “When you’re sitting, you’re one step above being dead’. Oooooo harsh! Time to take a step back then and see what we really can do to improve our lives that we will actually stick to.
At The Cake Nest we all try to cycle to work. We all live fairly locally so it doesn’t take long. Actually, if i’m honest it’s about the same length of time as driving if you include parking and traffic. Personally, I get a nice jaunt along the canal in the morning so geese and ducks are more my traffic. Fresh air and less stress mean I arrive ready for the day ahead.
cycling with the family
It’s easy to sit down though and when I get to work I am computer based so interaction is key to keeping me moving. I never email my own team if I can simply stand up, walk over to them and talk to them about the matter.
What do you do to keep active? I love swimming and running too but the dark nights and freezing weather are enough to make me light the fire and open a bottle of wine on a Friday night instead. How do you keep motivated? I am a
Tuesday Club girl. A group organised by the wonderful behavioural strategist, Lily Newman helps me set goals for the year and keeps me on track to complete them. Her sessions are always a good laugh and (personally I’ve found) put you out of your comfort zone by getting you to do things you have never tried before. I have been to self defence and belly dancingsessions before now! If you are looking for a new positive mental attitude this year give her next workshop a go and challenge yourself to some graffiti art!

Tuesday Club – Graffiti Art for Naughty Girls (and good girls too!) with Chaz Newton-Smith FEBRUARY 2016

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