Off to the House of Commons

Last week Abi was fortunate enough to be invited to the House of Commons to be on the panel for MMU at the “Growth equals success? Small Business Policy Forum.” She was there to represent small businesses that are growing in a quick yet sustainable way and so are often overlooked. As a woman in business, she also was interested in the Suffragettes and their role in giving her a voice. If you would like to read the report that MMU wrote, in which we were included, please click hereGrowth equals success? Small Business Policy Forum
“I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed my day. Alongside me on the panel were
Liz Whitely from Dynamite Pink and Chris Webb from Nexus Pointshowing that the diversity of businesses in the North West is up there with the best. We were asked some very good questions about how we had succeeded and grown our businesses without external funding. Funnily enough, we all answered that we thought it was important to make sure that your foundations were great to start with and that self funding was the way forward. For us this has meant we have grown as fast as our customers have allowed us. For this we thank you, we really couldn’t do it without you. Our staff are vital to us all and we were all keen to support them as much as they support us in our growth. We feel that a work life balance is of upmost importantance and should be good for all of us not just the management team.
“I also had the pleasure of catching up with my cousin, Labour MP, Andrew Gwynne. His knowledge of the House of Commons is fabulous and my whistle stop tour was enlightening. I never knew that Emily Wilding Davison had hidden in a cupboard in the crypt beneath Westminster Hall on the night of the census in 1911. All so that t would be recorded as her address. For the Suffragettes I am truly thankful without them I never would have been able to start our business let alone anything else.”

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