Pineapple Cake Recipe

When you don’t have long to bake or you have simply run out of butter, reach for the tin of pineapple and make the easiest cake in town! Honestly our kids made this in minutes and you can too.
250g Self Raising Flour
250g Caster Sugar
1 Egg
1 Small Tin of Pineapple in Juice (not syrup!)
1tsp Vanilla Extract
1tsp Icing Sugar
1tsp Water

Place all ingredients into a food processor
Blitz for about 1 minute until well combined
Scrape round the edges to make sure all the flour is mixed in
Pour into a greased tin (we used a loaf tin)
Bake at 160 for 45 minutes – check after 30 if you are using a round tin
Allow to cool in tin, then turn out.
Mix the icing sugar and water to create a thin icing, drizzle over the top and serve.

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