Release your ‘inner’ Heston!

We are big fans of using unusual techniques to create our cakes and for when cooking for our family. We even had a tradition of introducing the family to a new vegetable or food when entertaining at Christmas. So when we took delivery of one ofMolecule Rgastronomy kits the“Inner Heston”in us got very excited.
Molecule R produce a wide range of
gastronomy kitsthat can be used to impress friends and family, be it additives, specialised foods or recipes. Each kit includes all you need to produce amazing recipes that will leave your guests scratching their heads in amazement.

So what is molecular gastronomy? It refers to a particular style of cooking that takes in innovations from scientific disciplines, be itemulsification,gelificationorspherification. By adding small additives (all additives used are safe and have been part of our food and culinary traditions for centuries) you can create flavoured foam to top dishes and drinks or produce small spheres that encapsulate flavours that burst in your mouth.

Before you start to think that all this science cooking may require a Phd in chemistry, think again. For ourMargarita R-Evolution kitwe involved our children in producing some non-alcoholic blueberry cocktails. Each step was easy to read backed up with clear illustrations and little side snippets provided a little bit of the science background as you went along. We added some natural food colouring part way through to show the little spheres off as they got a little lost.

Overall the kit was well packaged, the little sachets of additives combined with using the pipets to drop the blueberry flavoured liquid really gave us the experience of creating an edible potion in a laboratory. All we need now is a couple of lab coats to replace the apron! Click here to buy yours

*Molecule-r are the manufacturers in Canada and Cream Chargers are UK distributors

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