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Resolutions for the New Year and How to Keep on Track

Happy New Year! I do hope you all had a great Christmas and enjoyed the break. With the promise of a bright new year, many of us start thinking about resolutions. Have you set any yourself? I’m not really one for them as a general rule but I do think there is a lot to be said for setting yourself a few goals. If I’m honest, I think that’ simply because I don’t think I’m going to change the my core. So if I said that I was going to go on a diet, I would probably fail.


Have you embarked on Dryunary? We have! I know human beings are complicated creatures full of incongruities! Importantly, I am not doing it forever or particularly for my health. So why am I doing it? Well, we reckon it will save us about £100, which will go nicely towards paying off Christmas. That’ an achievable goal for me. I’m also curious to see how it affects us.

Personally, I find alcohol to be more symbolic than anything. It’ the end of the week relaxation or something to celebrate with. We don’t drink a huge amount but I have to say I don’t really notice that it’ alcohol. I don’t drink to get drunk, it’ just quite nice to share a bottle of wine on a Friday night. So it’ time to find an alternative, any suggestions? This resolution doesn’t last long so doesn’t count 😉

Dieting Resolve

Not for me I’m afraid but I know many people who do start on a new regime post the Christmas gluttony. In my experience, when I go back to eating normally, I go back to my normal weight… we just need to finish this Christmas cake! From Joe Wicks HIIT workouts, Paleo or Vegan diets to Fasting there is something for everyone though and is a very popular resolution.

Perhaps you think I have no authority to talk on this subject though, after all we sell cake. All I would say is everything in moderation. And actually our Cake Club is a perfect example.  If you know that you will receive your treat once a week, it makes you less tempted to fall off the wagon. The problem most people have is that they deprive themselves so much they are doomed to failure. Equally, if they do have something they think they shouldn’t, they think it’ pointless continuing. Poppy Cock! A good, well balanced diet with healthy food and exercise has a place for the occasional treat (just not a bag of donuts everyday!). Why not join one of our tasting clubs and experience a treat once a month?

Resolutely Exercising

This is where my goals tend to lie. Too much sitting on the sofa over Christmas maybe makes me want to sign up for something stupid. Before I know it I’m panicking about whether I will have enough miles under my belt to beat my personal record. This year I’ve signed up to the Surrey Bacchus Half Marathon. A gentle run around a vineyard – told you I had no intention of giving up alcohol forever! After badly damaging my ankle last summer, it’ something to aim for that will help build me back up. It’ not timed, which takes the pressure off too.

Steve is planning many cycling adventures this year with one highlight being to cycle across Scotland in an attempt to “Ride to the Sun” with friends. Rather him than me! Cycling through the night, I’d rather be tucked up in bed. LOL

Resolving to Save More

Christmas always seems to be more expensive than we ever plan for. I think that I’m being all organised and get most things bought by the end of November but then… Children have a habit of changing their minds or asking for something completely off the wall. All best intentions go out of the window and I find myself broke again in January. Does this sound familiar? Martin Lewis has an interesting proposition from those Money Saving Experts. Start with 1p and save an extra penny each day.
Day 1 = 1p

Day 2 = 2p
Day 5 = 5p
Day 100 = £1.00
Day 130 = £1.30
Day 245 = £2.45
Day 365 = £3.65
This is very simple and you’d save a massive £671.61 by the end of the year! Whatever you do make sure it fits your budget.
Tips for Completing Goals and Resolutions

Keep it achievable – so obvious but so often missed!

  • Break it down into steps – don’t say you are going to run a marathon and then feel defeated because you can’t immediately run the distance.
  • Get Help – Don’t know where to start? Ask! There is always someone else that has been in the same boat. If they don’t know the answer they may join you in looking for it.
  • Tell people what you are doing – Psychologically this will give you more impetus to stick with them but may also offer you support
    Join a group – If you do fancy doing more exercise find some like minded people. Social boosts at the same time have a proven success rate, we all need to interact and get to know more people. Did you know loneliness can be a major part of depression?
  • Keep track of it – On a diet? Write down all your measurements (waist as well as weight) each week so you can see the changes
    Keep focused – You joined slimming world with a friend but they dropped out? Everyone has their own reasons, that doesn’t mean you have to give up too.
  • Let your goals evolve – You want to learn to swim? Brilliant! So you’ve ticked that off quicker than you thought so add to it, learn a new stroke, swim a mile.
  • Celebrate! – Every milestone deserves a celebration. You did it! It’ not just about the destination, the journey should be part of the joy. Well done!

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