Reward Jar

By the end of the school term we find our girls are shattered. What with school performances, sports day, reports and the whole excitement building of the holidays to come, the first week is for sleeping! The thing that many parents will relate to is the tireder we all are the more likely tempers are to flare on both sides. We thought this time we would try something different before we all spent the whole of the holidays confined to our rooms.
Here’s the idea. We have a lucky dip jar full of ideas to do the next day. These are things that take up to an hour, can be fitted in with other things we have planned and are treats. For example we have
“have a chippy tea”
“bake together”
“play lego as a family”
“take the dog for a walk after tea”
“go cycling”
“go for a picnic”
You get the idea! Anyway, you can think of things that your kids will love and that are unique to you to make it even more fun but this is the bit you need to really bring home. The only way to have a lucky dip is for everyone to get on. You know a day that doesn’t end up in a melt down or the threat to take away all gadgets until they are 18. We have two girls and I know this may sound impossible but make the rewards worth it and let’s see who plays along. Make sure you do it at the very end of the day, you know after teeth have been brushed and everyone is getting into bed – hey I’m a realist! Smile and say well done.
We have been doing this for about three weeks now. They take it in turns to draw and the other one reads. I’m not saying it’s happened every night and I’m beginning to think we need to add a few more things but that’s ok. We have all caught up with sleep and are spending happy family time together. Oh yes, I’ve seen the expression on one face when they can see the other on the edge of melt down but do you know siblings working together for mutual rewards is beautiful. I think we could learn a lot from kids.
reward jar for kids

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