Salty Dog Crisps Review

I love crisps, to me they are the ultimate snack, whether on the go or sat in front of the TV. So when we got sent a big pack of crisps from our friends atSalty Dogmy mouth started to water with excitement.

Normally I can woof a packet of crisps in no time and normally get told by Abi to breath between mouthfuls. So when I opened the packet of
Jalapeño & Coriander the intense smell really started to make my taste buds excited.

Now Salty Dog crisps are not your usual crisps, they are hand cooked in their skins and when you slip them into your mouth they don’t dissolve on your tongue like other brands. The crunch is satisfying, to a point where you have to turn the television up a notch as your mouth is happily busy crunching each crisp. Each crisp is coated with just the right amount of flavour that keeps you wanting to slip in another. Unlike most crisps the taste doesn’t disappear half way through the bag, a thoroughly enjoyable treat from beginning to end. In fact it was hard not to open the other bags straight away!

Need a gluten-free crunch? That’ fine their sister companyDarling Spudshave a fabulous selection that won’t leave you feeling short changed. Full of flavour, actually I couldn’t tell they where gluten-free!Darling Spuds is the result of Judy’s determination to create a more wholesome, all natural snack to satisfy the growing demand for healthier food.

So where can you buy them?Online of course, directly from them (we always encourage people to go direct to the producer!) but also you’ll find them in Tescos too. Why not grab a bag and tell us what you think of them?
Salty Dog Crisps

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