Simply Cook Review

We love things that arrive through the postbox and when we heard aboutSimply Cook,we were very excited. “Restaurant quality meals in 20 minutes”, that’ a big promise! As a family we love to cook, enjoy new tastes and have a decent store cupboard but that leads to us having similar meals each week. This is where the little pots of spices and sauces contained in eachSimply Cookkit means you can eat a new exciting dish every time without emptying the supermarket spice shelf or buying something that you will only use once.

Each box contains 4 meal kits, each with its own recipe card and a nifty tear off strip along the bottom, which acts as your shopping list for the fresh ingredients (handy to fit into your purse or wallet). Each kit contains 3 little pots, which includes the pastes, spices and stock that allow you to create the tasty dishes. Don’t worry if your a novice cook, the instructions are easy, well laid out and presented in a simple step by step method, none of the big paragraph methods you get in modern recipe books.

Over the past 6 weeks we have enjoyed a huge variety of dishes that have had our tastebuds wanting more. FromMoroccan Spiced Fishwith Cassia toBibimbap. We’ve loved trying out the new recipes and have cooked dishes that we could only have dreamed of eating in a restaurant. Portion size is well thought out and by adding extra fresh ingredients we’ve made the meals designed for 2 stretch to all four of us with the kids. Most importantly the flavour is stunning, each one has left us saying this one is the best so far. What I like most though is that if it is meant to be spicy, it is. There is no playing down of flavours here. Fancy tryingSimply Cookyourself? Help yourself with 50% off a box Simply by entering “cakenest” at the checkout. Go on we won’t tell anyone you had any help
Dishes cooked by The Cake Nest

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