Summer Pudding Recipe

With the days getting longer and nearing midsummers day we wanted to make something zingy and comforting at the same time. So here’s to the long hot summer (that they predict every year) with our recipe for Summer Fruit Pudding. It doesn’t take too long to make, just remember to leave time for it to set!

Ingredientssummer fruit pudding recipe
6 slices of bread with the crusts cut off
1kg Mixed Fruit – any type of berries (strawberries/raspberries/black currants/etc
150g Caster Sugar

The first thing you need to do is dissolve the sugar in a pan over a low heat in a couple of tablesppons of water.
Then add the fruit (not strawberries though, they just turn to mush)
Cook gently for a few minutes to release the juice
Strain making sure you keep the juice
Line a 1.25lt bowl with clingfilm (this makes it a lot easier to take out) allowing it to overhang
Cut the bread in half at an angle (it’ll make it easier to layer in the bowl)
Dip the bread briefly in the juice and then place in the bowl. You are trying to form an outer shell for your pudding so make sure they fit next to one another snuggly and reserve one slice for the end
Tip in fruit (don’t forget to add back in your strawberries if you have them)
Cover with your final slice of bread and pour over any last juice you may have
Now cover with clingfilm, pulling over your edge pieces
Place a saucer on top and a tin of beans (ar anything else that comes to hand)
Place in the fridge over night
To serve remove the tin, plate and open up the cling film. Place a plate on the bottom and turn the whole thing upside down. Gently wiggle the clingfilm and you should find it pops out nicely. Remove all cling film and enjoy!

summer fruit pudding recipe

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