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The Joy and Stress of Getting Married

The Engagement

First it’s the proposal, one of the happiest moments in your life. The ring, the congratulations, the love surrounding you both. Oh the excitement for the future! Times have changed though and most couples have already begun living together. So generally know more about their betrothed than their parents or indeed grandparents ever did. Shifting the focus onto the wedding more than the marital home. Perhaps, there is a party to arrange to celebrate or maybe just a few drinks with friends. Family to call, cards to receive! You may even like to surprise someone a little further away with a surprise message gift, personalised with your news.

Wedding Planning

Before turning into Bridezilla, it’s worth considering what you really want from your day. Start at the beginning. What is your budget? Will anyone else be contributing? Nowadays, it is quite normal for both sets of parents to contribute or for the couple just to pay for it all themselves. Consider how this will work for you. Furthermore, weddings are rarely without contentious issues. However, getting married shouldn’t put you all in lots of debt before your married has begun.

Location, Location, Location!

Where will it be? Church? Registry office? Country house? Abroad? The list is endless. Dreaming is key. I’ve been to weddings done on a tiny budget but with lots of imagination and friends. Equally, I’ve attended some where there was money than sense spent on them.Remember your wedding day may be special to lots of people but none more than the two people getting married. So do what you want to do not where someone else pushes you – I told you there would be contentions!

TheWedding Invitation List

This really could be the most disputed part of the arrangements – second only to the seating arrangements! Does Mum want Great Aunty Gertrude there? Yet you can’t really the recall the last time you saw her or if you would recognise her in the street. Leave falling out with family to me! Tell them I’ve said it’s all about balance and budget. It’s YOUR day! Why not suggest Facebook live for the speeches? Posting slices of cake to those further away so they can still join in your day is always an option (just ask, we can help). Finally, one thing worth keeping in mind are the logistics. 200 people for a sit down meal sounds wonderful but the practicalities can mean not everyone gets their meal at the same time. So please check your venue can cope, look for other people’s feedback. What they say may be different from what the venue promises.

Favours and Place Settings

These really can be as complicated or simple as you would like. Perhaps a traditional small bag of sugared almonds would suit your day. Bundling these up yourself can be a little time consuming but produce a stunning affect that matches your colour scheme. Cake Cards work wonders as place settings. Individually named with your design on the front. They are a great take home item that can also be sent through the letterbox to those that couldn’t make it. Contact us for more information on what we can do for you. Delight your guests with personalised¬†push pops. Perfectly layered cake and buttercream in a perfect container to throw in a handbag while they party.

Wedding Gifts

So I said it was all about you and I’m sure you are capable of coming up with a wish list, I’m not sure you need my help with that. However, on this part there are a few other people to consider. Traditionally bridesmaids and mothers are given gifts. Although, I did also get my dad a fancy cigar for the evening – a story in itself as my grandparents didn’t know he ever smoked! Gifts that you can order in advance are great and put your mind at ease. One more thing to tick off. Why not consider a thank you message cake alongside a bunch of flowers for the mother of the bride? Or a box of gin and tonic cake balls for the matron of honour.

Final Words of Advice

Just think it could be worse, you could be Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. They have to entertain a nation as well as keep the Queen happy!
Personally, we chose to spend more on our honeymoon than our wedding. Our thoughts were that our wedding day was just one day that we would cherish forever but our honeymoon was the trip of a lifetime. Whatever you decide have a wonderful day. Take a deep breath and don’t look at your mum, she’ll be in tears.

Good luck message cake

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