The Joys (and Stress) of Moving House

Moving Househouse doodle cake card
If you have ever moved house you will know what a time of mixed feelings it is. Two thirds of us find moving home the most stressful thing they have ever done. Many of us find this worse than starting new job, having children or relationship problems. Personally, I can remember the last time we did saying that I would never do it again (unless someone did it all for me!). The excitement of finding the property, followed by the joy of having your offer accepted. Is often followed by weeks of tedious legal work and surveys. If you are in a chain, you could end up having to wait for someone else to find a buyer or worse still someone could pull out. But then the day finally arrives to move!
A Time for the Past
Whilst packing, many things thought thrown away or that had simply been lost in time are often discovered. It gives us a moment for reflection and nostalgia. Be warned though use this time wisely to say “goodbye” to some things as otherwise you may never get round to unpacking them, simply hoarding. I know people with boxes still packed from 5+ years ago! This is a serious time to declutter and start afresh. Never underestimate though the fact that it is a major upheaval. An Englishman’s home is his castleand all that. Whatever the reason you are moving, your old home is filled with memories, take time to say goodbye to it.
On to the Future
Unpacking at the other end, a time to find new places for everything. Where will you hang that picture now? Does it look right on that wall? Oh yes, we should probably bring the furniture in first! Have you ever found that the house that you have been dreaming of for months, that was perfect in every way… well, could do with a coat of paint and… I’m not sure about that kitchen after all. Planning the future and how your life will be is fabulous.
Glass of Champagne and Fish and Chips
Congratulations cake card
Finally, you get to put your feet up (on some boxes). You can’t find the TV remote and the kids are starving. It’s really time you tried the locally chippy, you deserve a treat and the kitchen is still in boxes so no chance of cooking tonight. Grab a bottle of champagne while you are out love! So if you know someone moving send them a gift because I can tell you the first things you get through the letterbox are either not addressed to you or are bills. Send a
cake card or a message cake. It will give them a break from what they are doing, a chance to put the kettle on (believe me we all unpackthat quick enough) and smile. A thoughtfulletterbox gift means you can surprise them and don’t have to worry if they are still loading up at the old place when it arrives. Strawberry and Prosecco cake ball truffles it is! Cheers! Congratulations you did it!
Save the Date
Oh and yes we know how you feel 😉 More information to follow….
The Cake Nest is moving

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