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Top 5 picks for Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day usually falls on the third Sunday of June and unlike Mother’s Day it is celebrated on the same day in both the UK and US and that is where the similarities end. Latest estimates show that we spend a third less on Father’ Day presents than on our Mums and there are a number of theories why.

It is thought that Mother’ simply deserve to have bigger or more expensive gifts, this maybe due to the fact that Mother’ are often considered to contribute to more to home life. People tend to understand the sacrifices mums make, that’s what you see. Mother’ have a special place in people’s hearts. Although this thought is likely to change now that Dad’ are playing a larger part in home life, with some Dad’ now taking what traditionally was the Mother’ Role’ and the recent legislation allowing maternity/paternity leave to be shared by both parents.

Another thought is that Dads’ are less interested in tokens of appreciation such as trinkets and flowers and are more likely to be happy with a day off to either play golf or go cycling. Experience days have also become more popular over recent years, be it adrenaline based or a more sedate affair.

Us men are simple folk and I personally don’t like fuss, but I’m not one to turn down a gift, so here’ my top 5 picks for Father’ Day Gifts

1 – Make that Call

A simple telephone call home on Father’s Day might not sound much but just even a quick 5 minute catch up can go a long way.
Prices start from Free!

2 – Beerbods – Beer subscription box

Dad loves his beer? Why not treat him to a beer subscription. A box of 12 beers arrives every 12 weeks and then every Thursday you join fellow BeerBod subscribers across the UK and share your thoughts (good or bad) with the online Beerbods community.
Prices start from £36 every 3 months.

3 – The Personal Barber – Shaving Subscription Box

Dad will receive a monthly box of shaving goodies and having been a subscriber since the beginning of the year I can truthfully say that my skin has never felt better.
Prices start from £24.99 billed every 45 days.

4 – Design a Sausage!

One for the meat lover! Grab Dad a chorizo making kit or spice up his BBQ with some fabulous seasonings to show who’s really the best cook in town. Their kits are amazingly simple to use so he will really look the star of the show this Father’s Day.

Check out their website for lots of great ideas

5 – Socks and Pants Cupcakes by the Cake Nest

Don’t just buy him socks and pants… make them edible! NO, not like that! Cupcakes! The Cake Nest has the perfect gift, 6 handmade cupcakes delivered through the letterbox that will bring a smile to his face. A choice between vanilla or chocolate, guaranteed to go down well with a brew.
Prices start at £10

Don’t just give socks!

Father’s Day facts

  • The modern Father’s Day is an American invention, with the first widespread celebration taking place on 1910, two year’s after the first Mother’s Day celebration
  • While Mother’s Day was officially recognised by the US government in 1913, Father’s Day had to wait until 1972
  • Unlike Mother’s Day, Father’s Day is celebrated on the same day in the US and the UK – the third Sunday in June
  • Portugal, Spain and Italy are rare exceptions, celebrating Father’s Day on 19 March, which is also St Joseph’s Day – the date chosen to celebrate Joseph, the husband of Jesus’ mother
  • Father’s Day started to be marked in the UK after World War Two
  • More than 70 countries now mark Father’s Day on the third Sunday in June

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