Totally Fudged!

A cadbury fudge was my treat once an week from the corner shop (when they still existed) on a friday walking home from school with my mum and siblings. So when a box from totally fudged was dropped off from our postie on a Friday of all days I was quite excited.
Totally Fudgedare a small artisan company that cook mouthwatering handmade fudge and are based in a traditional family kitchen in Balcombe, West Sussex. Ed and Jim are self confessed fudge-a-holics with one core objective “to deliver fudge that it simply unmatched in both taste and quality.”

Inside the box was a lovely hand written note from the owners/cooks and 3 beautiful packets of fudge, Madagascan Vanilla, Double chocolate and Sea Salted Caramel. What I loved was the minimal list of ingredients, a true sign of a product being handmade. I managed to resist the fudge until later in the evening, one so that it didn’t all get devoured by our kids (chocolate and vanilla especially) and two, so that I could share with Abi, who’ partial to anything that is flavoured with salted caramel. Each packet is nicely presented and contain just enough fudge for a treat for 2 (or maybe one). Each piece is cut in to mouthwatering mouthfuls that when placed in the mouth melt releasing their delicious flavours that really give you the feeling of indulgence.

The salted caramel was our favourite, it had just enough salt to enhance the buttery caramel that gave you the mmmm’ indulgence that we crave after a long day at work. The vanilla and chocolate had great flavours, we would have liked the chocolate to have a bit more chocolate, but were just being picky as we love the rich taste of dark chocolate.

So if you fancy a piece of fudge that isn’t made out of 100′ of ingredients and is entirely handmade, then head over to Totally Fudged, I’m sure you are in for a treat!

Review of Totally Fudged

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