Toucan Box Review

So far this half term we have been visiting scarecrows at Tatton Park, den building at Alderley Edge and are off to Jumpnation tomorrow. Our girls are very active! They love running around and being free but are very crafty too. This wonderful parcel arrived from Toucanbox on a rainy day so we just had to see what was inside. Was it going to be something that would keep our 7 and 9 year olds entertained for more than 5 minutes or was it going straight in the bin?
The ship's cat
The box itself is great as it is designed to fit through the letterbox so you you don’t need to worry about being in (we got their petite box). The lovely bright blue toucanbox arrived on our doormat containing all the things we need to keep us busy for about an hour. They made a treasure map and a parrot from the pieces provided in the box (there was also a teabag and paintbrush for aging the paper and crayons to draw with). They then turned the postal box inside out and made a treasure chest with it. This was a great idea of theirs as they were waiting for the tea to dry on the paper before they could carry on, which I think was the only thing that slowed them down. i wouldn’t say this was a bad thing though as it meant they planned what to put on the map and devised a tresure hunt in the house (I told you, we can’t keep them still!).
This is a subscription service so you can choose how often you have it delivered, the pack we have comes fortnightly and costs
£3.95 + 98p postage. For this price you get a fabulous box of all the things you need to spend time with your crafty little ones. I think ours could have done this all by themselves but we enjoyed interacting with them especially as they started taking it further. We love anything that opens their imaginations to more than the contents of a box. With this in mind I’m off to play hide and seek as apparently the ship’s cat needs to go to the vets and has gone into hiding!?!
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Toucan box reviewToucan box review

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