Tour de France or should that be cake?

Tour de France in Terms of Calories
This weekend marks the start of the 104th Tour de France.198 of the worlds elite cyclists will set off on a lap of France. This edition sees 21 stages over a 3 week period taking in the arable fields of sunflowers in the Tarn region to the mountain passes of the Alps and Pyrenees and then a processional finish on the Avenue Champs Eylsee in Paris. What a way to see France!
Philip Gilbert eating cake
But what has this to do with cake you ask? Well, a piece of cake has never tasted better than when you felt you’d earned the treat. Just replacing calories already burned off back up the road. Getting to the top of a hill or battling a constant headwind (you know the one that follows you round no matter which way your turn). The satisfaction of having your cake and eating it. In case you were wondering, for us mere mortals, it’s about 650 calories per hour.Just remember to burn more than you eat lol, it’s all about balance.
Atypical Tour de France cyclist will burn an estimated
6,000 calories per day.Many eat specialist rice cakes for that fully loaded, slow carb release. At the end of the day, that earns a large piece of cake at least! Our cakes have travelled around the world fattening up cyclists as they go. Here’s our Gilbert cake visiting the man himself, Philip Gilbert.
Finally, if you have an avid armchair cyclist for the next few weeks, why not send them a
cake card. After all, it’s not just about high speed and crashes, there’s serious refuelling to be done too! Why not treat yourself to some G&T cake ball truffles at the same time because it’s 5 o’clock somewhere!
tour de france cake card

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