Knit a sensory muff to keep dementia patients warm and entertained.
Activity mitts, also known as Twiddle muffs’, are a knitted or crocheted band with items attached that a patient living with dementia can twiddle in their hands during their hospital stay. They help provide stimulation whilst on the wards and are invaluable to patients.
This is where we need you to crochet or knit twiddle muffs. What we would really like is for people to send us the basic muff and then our local school children will adorn them with buttons, beads, zips etc and give them to the hospital. The instructions are below on how to make them and if you would like to finish them off yourself then please do, we will hand over all of them. Or take them to your local hospital. They really are wonderful things and will be warmly accepted.

What is a twiddlemuff?
They’re a knitted muff with items attached so that a patient with dementia can twiddle in their hands.
Why make one?
People with dementia often have restless hands and like to have something to keep their hands occupied. It provides a wonderful source of visual, tactile and sensory stimulation and at the same time keeping hands snug and warm.

Where to send your twiddlemuffs:
The Cake Nest
Furness Vale Business Centre
Calico Lane
Furness Vale
SK23 7SW
We appreciate your help with this and look forward to sharing the results with you. Thank you

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