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World Mental Health Day

Many of you are aware that today is World Mental Health Day. Who you may be unaware of is Shout – they are bit like the Samaritans but offer a purely text service. What you may also not know is that Abi volunteers for them.

It’s not easy but it does give people a way to reach out without fearing repercussions. Text messages may not seem like the best way to communicate sometimes but as a first step they can be massive. Sometimes the thoughts in our heads are so all-consuming that the idea of speaking to someone, actually articulating them is too much. Our brains tell us that people will think we are overreacting, being irrational, they won’t believe us or will just think we are plain stupid. Saying them out-loud will make them real. None of which is true. It’s time we started to understand that mental health is a major part of self care.

We deserve to be listened to and helped. If you had cancer you would seek and expect help, why is this any different? It’s a silent killer that steals the healthy bodied. It’s personally touched us deeply. Many of us have experience issues at some point in our lives and yet we often don’t accept that we should ask for help. Medication comes in all shapes and sizes and sometimes it’s as simple as talking. It’s not all about popping a pill.

World Mental Health day is 10th October but should be talked about every day. Suicide is on the rise, did you know it went up 12% in the UK alone last year? So here’s my promise, I’ll listen to you if you reach out. You are worth it. In the words of Emma Thompson “a stiff upper lip will just give you an achy chin”.

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